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Sabrina Carpenter On Her Dramatic Transformation For ‘The Short History Of The Long Road’

The 19-year-old actress sheds her Disney image with a gritty new role as Nola, a teenage vagabond whose world is upended, forcing her to rethink the reality of the nomadic existence her father (Westworld‘s Steven Ogg) has created for her. As she makes her way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, she forges unexpected relationships, including reconnecting with her estranged mother (Maggie Siff), that may provide the roots she needs to stay in one place.

“She’s a girl trying to survive,” Carpenter tells ET, explaining that Nola is someone who has been “raised by her father in a van her whole life, so she doesn’t know how to wear makeup, she doesn’t know how to shave. She doesn’t do all the stuff that a normal 19-year-old girl would do.”

Ultimately, the part required Carpenter to dye her hair, go makeup-free and wear second-hand clothes — a complete makeover that gave the actress chills when she first saw herself in character. “I just felt like a different person,” Carpenter recalls. “I think I was able to really find Nola through that physical transformation.”

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